Grana Padano since 1944


Our core values ​​guide how we behave, personally and professionally. In this ever-changing world, our fundamental principles do not change. They form the basis of our work, the way we interact with each other, and the strategies we adopt to achieve our mission. We continue to develop our skills, never forgetting who we are and where we started

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Grana Padano PDO

The secret of our Grana Padano

Love from field to table

Alfalfa, corn and permanent grassland, mostly grown directly by us, are the source of nutrition for our herd. Milk is milked twice a day to be processed under the best conditions at all times and ensure the well-being of our cows.

Grana Padano PDO, but not only

What do we do


509 is excellence expressed in a number: the serial number of our dairy and the name of our range of packaged Grana Padano PDO, available in the best Italian and foreign supermarkets.


Lattegra has created a new portioning, grating and packaging department intended for large-scale retail trade, maintaining the high quality standards of the product unchanged


The Lattegra  store is the right conclusion to the product’s 0 km journey: a true point of reference for consumers in the entire province, it supplies the pantries with products of absolute quality.

what makes us unique

Our values


Animal welfare is of primary importance for Lattegra: taking care of the herd means worrying not only about its physical and health conditions, but also about its psychological well-being.


The passion, care and dedication of all our collaborators are the driving force behind creating a quality product like our Grana Padano PDO. Only by loving your work can you aspire to excellence.


For us at Lattegra, circular economy is not a new concept, but it is part of our DNA. We learned from our fathers that what for some is a waste, for others is transformed into a resource and that nothing goes to waste.

The main facts

Our history

The Lattegra Dairy is born, using milk from its own cowshed and producing 4 wheels a day.

The most important renovation begins, with the construction from scratch of the dairy and maturing warehouse, the latter with a capacity of 63,000 wheels, which, added to the old one, led to an availability of 78,000 wheels. From the cowshed comes 510 hectoliters of milk per day with the production of 102 wheels of Grana Padano PDO per day.

Another renovation begins, with the expansion of the brine plant and the addition of a new maturing warehouse for 60,000 wheels, thus reaching a total capacity of 138,000 wheels.

Start of construction of 2 BIOGAS plants, one of 1 MWH and the other of 250KWH. In 2012 the 250 KWH plant was expanded into a 1 MWH plant.

A new milk storage tank is positioned, thus resulting in a storage capacity of approximately 2000 hectoliters of milk per day, with 460 wheels of Grana Padano produced per day and approximately 168,000 wheels produced per year.

Construction begins on a new stable with a capacity of approximately 600 animals and with a new ventilation and cooling technique.

The production of 135,000 hectoliters of milk for 460 wheels of Grana Padano per day. The herd is made up of 1300 dairy cows and 1000 replacement animals.

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