The truly circular economy

Love for the environment

A lot of attintion is given to the circular economy these days, but it is certainly not a new concept for us at Lattegra. Our fathers taught us that what is waste for some is transformed into a resource for others and, above all, that nothing should be wasted.

In 2010 we started the construction of two biogas plants, one with a capacity of 1 MWh and the other with a capacity of 250 kWh.

Only two years later, in 2012, we expanded the 250 kWh plant, also increasing it to a capacity of 1 MWh.

The two plants are fed mostly by livestock manure from their own herd, as well as corn silage also produced by Fugazza farms.

Biogas is a mixture of various types of gases, mainly methane and carbon dioxide, produced by bacterial fermentation in anaerobiosis (absence of oxygen) of organic plant or animal residues.

This is a biochemical process that takes advantage of the action of different groups of naturally occurring microorganisms, which convert organic matter into methane.

The biogas produced is about 50-70% methane and the remainder carbon dioxide and other minor components.

Methane is able to power the endothermic engine of the cogeneration plant and thus produce electricity and heat energy, only the latter reused in part in production processes.