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Lattegra for the GDO

Lattegra is a leading producer of Grana Padano cheese.

Controlling the entire supply chain, from selection to cattle feeding, milk processing to maturing in its own warehouses, results in a product valued in the market for its high quality standards.

In 2019, to meet market and consumer demand, Lattegra created a new portioning, grating and packaging department for Grana Padano PDO destined for large-scale distribution, next to the mature warehouses.

Again, the short supply chain maintains the product’s high quality standards: as soon as it is cut, it is immediately vacuum-packed or packaged in a protective atmosphere, fully meeting the current requirements of free-service counters of retail chains, while also ensuring product freshness and easy shelf life.

Every year about 30,000 wheels are taken from the maturing warehouse and sent to our five production lines to be grated or portioned and packaged.