Passion moves us

Love for work

To achieve certain results, it is not enough to combine the quality of raw materials, technical expertise, and the most advanced technologies: what binds it all together and acts as a multiplier is passion.

Passion that all of our people put in, those who take care of our herd, those who take care of production, and those who manage the farm.

Only by loving your work can you aspire to excellence.

The story of Lattegra is that of a small company born in a very complicated period (it was 1944…) driven by the passion and love for quality of its founders, the Fugazza family, which still holds control today.

Much has changed over the decades: the small dairy has become a large, technologically advanced and constantly future-oriented company, but the approach to work has remained the same.

Today Lattegra is the second private producer of Grana Padano PDO in Italy: an average of 470 wheels are produced every day.

Two wheels weighing about 44 kilograms, are obtained from Each boiler (containing 10-11 hectoliters of milk). The wheels are collected in cloths and placed in special Teflon molds, the so-called “fascere”.

After 24 hours, the “fascera” is removed and replaced with a steel one with a rounded heel that will impart the wheel’s characteristic appearance.
Once the “fascera” is removed, the cheeses are immersed in brine, that is tanks of water and salt (saturated solution). The salting operation lasts for about 20 days.

This is followed by aging in warehouses where temperature (15-18°c) and relative humidity (80-85%) are constantly controlled.

After 9 months of aging, only the wheels that meet the requirements can receive the branding mark certifying the quality of the cheese and the legitimacy of the definition “Grana Padano PDO“: only the best ones will be able to bear the name Grana Padano PDO.

During the aging process, which lasts from 10 to more than 30 months, frequent brushing and flipping of the wheels ensure high product quality.