Excellence in a number

Lattegra branded Grana Padano

PC509 is the serial number that the Grana Padano PDO protection consortium has assigned to Lattegra since its founding.

Therefore, we could not have chosen a more meaningful name for our range of packaged Grana Padano PDO, available in the best supermarkets.

With 509, Lattegra becomes one of the few Italian producers of Grana Padano PDO to close the entire cycle: from the field to the consumer’s table with a range of products bearing its own name.

Thanks to our short and controlled supply chain we can offer a product of absolute excellence, which has passed all the stringent quality controls, to the general public.

A modern and elegant image that tells through the serial number its DNA, made of tradition, taste and passion, with the certainty and guarantee of the complete supply chain.

Grated, wedges, cubes, petals, many special formats designed to meet the needs of the market, from catering to the end consumer.

509, excellence in a number.